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Renesis Engine tested with �Green Friendly� E85 fuel and the Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Supercharger kit.

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Performance Design Australia is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. We have access to high quality engineering facilities such as those used in the production of the CNC billet aluminum supercharger kit components, Engine and Chassis Dyno facilities, and specialized rotary tuning services.

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From our highly sophisticated RX-8 Supercharger kit to our Cat-back exhaust, you'll find that each of our products are engineered to the highest spcifications and are made of the only the best materials.

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A Few Tips to Select The Best Wheels in Sydney

It goes without saying that when an alloy wheel meets with an accident, a person tends to take it to the best alloy wheel service in Sydney and get the repairs done in the minimum possible done and at the most affordable price. Choosing the right professional repair center will assure the same to a person with utmost customer satisfaction.  If you want to buy Wheels in Sydney, we recommend Ozzy Tyres.

An experienced service provider must be picked: While selecting a service provider for wheels in Sydney, it must always be ensured to choose the experienced and reputable one. They will be the ones to provide the best services at the most affordable rates. Friendly referrals can always procure from the family members, relatives, friends and even neighbours. Also, the past customers can also be consulted to understand the efficiency of the service providers.

A service provider offering the best deal must be selected: There are a lot of service providers who provide some great deals on wheel repairs. These deals catapult the attraction of the prospective customers towards them.

A company with a proven track record must always be chosen: It is essential to choose a company with a good track record to assure the best quality of service. Otherwise, it will be a complete wastage of money and the safety of the vehicle will be put at risk.

A company with great resources must be picked: It is important to trust the costly wheels of the precious vehicles to only the experts who are well-trained to repair the alloy wheels with utmost perfection. It must also be ensured that the technicians do possess the necessary certifications to carry out the job.

When a person takes his alloy wheel for repair, the first step of the procedure will be that the experts will be assessing the total extent to which the wheel has been damaged, and then will give a final estimate of the repairs. The professional will then take the tires out before starting the work.

After the stripping process, the wheel is next sent through the blasting process, which is a great way to remove anything unfinished. Corrosion within the wheel can also be deleted with the process. After the wheel gets completely repaired and finished, the professional with then fit the same in the car.