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Renesis Engine tested with “Green Friendly” E85 fuel and the Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Supercharger kit.

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Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Cat-back Exhaust

Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Cat-back Exhaust

Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Cat-back Exhaust

Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Cat-back Exhaust

Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Cat-back Exhaust

Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Cat-back Exhaust
Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Cat-back Exhaust
Price: $1350 AUD including GST


Complete bolt-up Stainless Steel cat-back system, comprising the following:
  • Stainless steel mufflers, purpose designed for the RX-8 and custom made exclusively for Hymee
  • “Hymee Enhanced” embossed muffler casings
  • 1-piece rear muffler assembly
  • All pipework is fully mandrel bent (in stainless steel) for smooth flow (not press-bent)
  • Fully TIG welded
  • 1-piece mandrel bent intermediate pipe (100% stainless steel) with OEM style hanger brackets
  • 100mm (4”) stainless steel dual wall sports tips
  • All bolt-up flanges are Stainless Steel
  • All bolts and mounting hardware are Stainless Steel, including the earth-strap screw and retainer nut
  • Fully polished to show quality
  • All OEM style hanger brackets in Stainless Steel and with OEM style mushroomed ends
  • Bolts directly to the moveable ball-joint at the rear end of the OEM cat assembly (mid-pipe)
  • Supplied with gasket for rear 2-bolt flange
  • Easy unbolt and bolt-up installation. No modifications necessary
  • Dyno proven to increase Power and Torque
  • Unique build plate with laser-etched Hymee Enhanced logo, Certification and Serial Number
  • Barely noticeable at idle, except you know it is there
  • Mild meaty growl through light throttle applications
  • Ask more of it, and it talks to you in the best way possible. You’ll know your RX-8 is a real rotary now!
  • Absolutely NO DRONE at cruising speeds
  • Everyone LOVES the sound of it
  • Looks = Drop-dead gorgeous. The way you always wanted it to look!
  • Improves exhaust note, enhancing the distinct rotary sound
  • Lower back pressure than standard exhaust
  • Increased power and torque (see dyno results)
  • Reduced heat in boot/trunk
  • No exhaust note "drone"
  • Eye catching polished outlets fill the exhaust finishers enhancing your vehicle's appearance
  • All parts required for installation are supplied and detailed installation instructions are included.
  • 2.5" high flow rear muffler assembly
  • 4" polished stainless steel double wall tips
  • Connects to existing rear/intermediate pipe without modification
  • Uses existing hanging brackets and rubber mounts
  • Available in aluminised mild steel, or stainless steel.
  • High quality, hand made and polished in Australia.

Sound Clips

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> Inside driving with the windows down
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How to Buy

The Sports Exhaust is available direct from Performance Design Australia, email for pricing and delivery information.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, contact Engine PSD at

In USA and Canada, contact at