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Renesis Engine tested with “Green Friendly” E85 fuel and the Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Supercharger kit.

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sCANalyser Live USB - coming soon
New USB Price: $ 99.00 USD
New USB Price: $ 75.00 EUR
New USB Price: $149.00 AUD (including GST and shipping within Australia)

sCANalyser is a CAN based scan tool for Microsoft Windows PCs.  sCANalyser allows you to plug into your vehicle's onboard diagnostics (OBD) port and view a wealth of information made available by your vehicle's onboard computer. With sCANalyser you can:
  • Understand how your engine is performing
  • Analyse performance modifications by evaluating engine performance before and after installation of the modification
  • View vehicle information such as the VIN and powertrain software version number
  • Diagnose the cause of a check engine light and then clear the light
  • View emissions related test monitoring results
  • Monitor non-OBDII parameters such as Knock Retard and Fuel Inject Pulse Width
  • Full screen mode view gauges full screen - ideal for "CarPuter" installations
  • USB Version is Hardware compatible with sCANalyser Pro Tuner!!

View up to six gauges with live data at a time


Live Gauge Display

  • View powertrain information such as engine speed, mass air flow and oxygen sensor readings in real time on digital gauges.  
  • Includes a selection of circular gauges and LCD style digital readouts
  • Customisable background colour or image lets you personalise your gauge display 
  • Choose between 1 and 6 gauges and control how they are displayed
  • Preconfigured vehicle settings for supported vehicles optimises the gauge display
  • Choose your preferred units (imperial or metric, or a combination of both)
  • Configurable stoichiometric ratio for Air to Fuel ratio display
  • View gauges full screen - great for Car PCs!
  • Save and load your gauge configurations for easy access to your favourite settings

Data Logging

  • With the new fast mode (in version 1.1 beta) you can sample at approximately 50 millisecond intervals, generating up to approximately 120 samples per second
  • Logging features you can record engine performance before and after a modification and use this to analyse what improvements were made by making that modification.
  • Log powertrain information in an easy to use comma separated value (CSV) text file
  • Trigger logging start and/or stop using one of the logged parameters (such as only start logging once the engine speed reaches 1000 rpm)

Vehicle Information

  • View vehicle information such as the VIN and calibration number (what version of the “flash” software is installed)
  • Displays a list of all current powertrain parameters

Diagnostic Troubleshooting

  • Access the list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that are stored when you have a check engine light, as well as any corresponding freeze frame data which capture what the vehicle was doing at the time of a problem   Descriptions can be looked up from a text file that you supply
  • Clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

Test Monitoring

  • View emissions related test monitoring results.

What do I get?

sCANalyser is supplied with all you need to connect your computer to your vehicle via a 9 pin serial port:  The supplied low profile right angle OBD connector helps keep the cable out of the way.
  • sCANalyser USB Interface
  • USB cable
  • Free software update downloads
  • Hymee Enhanced Computer Cut Vinyl Decal
  • Free email support
  • 12 months warranty against hardware manufacturing defects


Interface and cables relative to a US quarter (top)
and an Australian 10c piece (bottom)
Serial cable supplied may vary from that shown.
** Older Serial based hardware shown **

System Requirements
Mazda RX-8, Ford XR6 Turbo, Holden/Chevrolet LS2 Vehicles (other vehicles will be supported in future releases)

Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT 4 (Service Pack 6a), 2000, XP or 2003
Microsoft .NET Framework 2 (installed automatically if required)
Microsoft .NET Framework requires Internet Explorer 6 or later
One available USB port
Pentium II 700Mhz Processor
128MB Memory minimum
160MB of free disk space
640 x 480 16bit colour display

Microsoft Windows 98, Me,NT 4 (Service Pack 6a), 2000, XP or 2003
Microsoft .NET Framework 2 (installed automatically if required)
Microsoft .NET Framework requires Internet Explorer 6 or later
One available USB port
Pentium 1.6GHz processor (or equivalent)
384MB Memory
160 MB of free disk space
1024x768 32bit colour display

sCANalyser Live is USD $99 plus shipping, or AUD$149, including GST to Australian customers

How to Order

Please contact Hymee's sales team directly via email

sCANalyser is supported via email.  To receive assistance email .  We will endeavour to respond within 1 business day.