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Renesis Engine tested with “Green Friendly” E85 fuel and the Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Supercharger kit.

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sCANalyser Pro Tuner

sCANalyser Pro Tuner

sCANalyser Pro Tuner

sCANalyser Pro Tuner
sCANalyser Pro Tuner
Price: $1,000 AUD inc GST and shipping within Australia

For sales enquiries please contact Hymee.

sCANalyser Pro Tuner is designed for any RX-8, naturally aspirated or boosted. The suite consists of a small hardware box we like to call a brick, a cable, plus software that runs on a Windows PC or laptop. The brick is about the size of a matchbox, and contains proprietary electronics used to perform the following functions:
  • PCM Reflashing operations. A recalibrated PCM “tune-up” is loaded onto the brick via the USB cable, then the brick is plugged into the OBDII port. The ignition is turned on, and ~60 seconds later the RX-8 has a new tune-up in the PCM. The ignition is turned off, and the brick removed.
  • “Hands off” data logging. The brick is plugged into the OBDII port, and logs 2 hours of engine performance data. Commonly used tuning things like RPM, TPS, AFR, MAF, Coolant Temp, Load etc.
  • “Live Mode” for use with sCANalyser Live scan tool – displays up to 9 live gauges on the laptop (or carputer). CEL diagnosis and resetting. Other PCM monitoring functions.
The software components of the suite includes the following:
  • sCANalyser Pro Tuner - This allows any calibration map to be altered by the tuner. Maps are displayed in “table” form (numerically) and via 2D or colored 3D charts for easy visualization. 3D Charts can be spun around to look from any angle to spot inconsistencies. The editing functions allow for “bulk” updates to be made to the table data by applying offsets and scaling to ranges of values, and performing smoothing functions over ranges of values. sCANalyser Pro Tuner is also use to save the modified calibration to disk for later re-use, and then written to the brick prior to the reflash procedure.
  • sCANalyser Pro Logger - This reads the logged information from the brick after it has been used in “hands off data logging” mode. The data is displayed graphically and numerically for analysis of performance / tuning modifications. The user can zoom in to see the data in detail.
  • sCANalyser Live USB - This used the brick in “Live Mode” (as above in #3) and acts as a scan tool providing live gauges (graphically very sexy!) and other traditional scan tool functions such as CEL diagnosis and resetting.
Note: We do not provide the tuning service – just the best tool on the market to get it done. And the only tool available today that works on RX-8’s worldwide.