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Renesis Engine tested with �Green Friendly� E85 fuel and the Hymee Enhanced RX-8 Supercharger kit.

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Performance Design Australia is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. We have access to high quality engineering facilities such as those used in the production of the CNC billet aluminum supercharger kit components, Engine and Chassis Dyno facilities, and specialized rotary tuning services.

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From our highly sophisticated RX-8 Supercharger kit to our Cat-back exhaust, you'll find that each of our products are engineered to the highest spcifications and are made of the only the best materials.

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Where To Buy Wheels in Melbourne

Amalgam wheels can be an excellent expansion to most any vehicle for both practical and restorative purposes. There are a few vital components to remember while considering buying Melbourne’s best wheel shop.


Numerous auto proprietors purchase permit wheels mainly for their style despite the fact that they likewise have significant execution change qualities, for example, quality and lightweight for better-taking care of. Be that as it may, there is a wide assortment of styles and watches out there. Some have all the more a clean than others; some are chrome secured, others have flashy talked designs that assistance features the body style of the auto the wheels are on. Since there are such a large number of emotional decisions to look over, the determination procedure can regularly move toward becoming dumbfounding, yet everything comes down to the individual, subjective decision of the auto proprietor, and that will dependably remain the case every other factor being equivalent. I also recommend you read reviews on Ozzy Tyres.


Some permit wheel sweethearts are exceptionally marked faithful. They will stay with a similar brand of custom wheels at whatever point they purchase another auto, keeping a similar brand on their new vehicles. They progress toward becoming pulled in to the specific qualities of the wheels, including the brand’s prominent advertising that they see in car shops, in online promotions, and in-car print media. This is another intense fascination that pulls numerous amalgam wheel enthusiasts towards one brand only finished another.


Cost is a factor. Because of the enthusiastic high numerous auto proprietors and wheel sweethearts get from having these wheels on their vehicles, they frequently ignore cost and buy wheels that are really over their budgetary means. Indeed, even the wheels that are not ultra costly can at present be expensively contrasted with the standard wheels that frequently go ahead such a significant number of makes and models of new autos.

Strength and Maintenance

Composite wheel proprietors need to have the capacity to keep up their wheels efficiently. They need Melbourne’s best wheel shop that doesn’t need to be cleaned and cleaned to look awesome continually. What’s more, they likewise need strong ones that are impervious to the street components like soil, oil, mud, stones and rock and also the unforgiving climate conditions, for example, slush, snow and the hot glare of the sun. Their general decision in their amalgam wheel choice will likewise come down to these two components of simplicity of support and high sturdiness. They’ll be improving widespread wheel speculation if they shop deliberately in these territories.